The Ground / Installation / Mirrors / 4m x 12m

To Ho Chi Minh city with love
An art project by Phong Bui in collaboration with local artists from Vietnam
San Art, Saigon, Vietnam
May 23- July 20, 2011

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This artwork was my contribution to ‘To Ho Chi Minh City with Love’, organised by renowned artist/independent curator Phong Bui. ‘The Ground’ was inspired by a famous notion put forth by Irish philosopher George Berkeley- “Esse est percipi” (To be is to be perceived).
My objective was to stimulate and observe people’s perception of contemporary art and attitudes towards Life. The artwork took the exhibition room and covered its entire floor with mirrors. Guests are invited to enter this space, and they must do so stepping on this unusual floor. The final fractured look of the artwork was caused by the guest’s reaction to this invitation and sight, thus the answer to my quest.

Mr Phong Bui also responded to this work by ‘predicting’ how the cracks on the floor might look like, and translating that into a drawing with his signature straight line work, thus transforming The Ground into space. His work can be seen on the wall opposite.

A Special Thanks to Phong Bui, San-Art and Friends  for supporting me so much in this project.

Also, Thanks to Phunam, Truc-anh, and Friends for helping me take these photos.