Random Sequence / Installation / Mixed media / 10.5 x14.5cm each (365 pieces)

NAFA Graduation show

NAFA Gallery, Singapore, 2008

line-here do not delete

A ‘tear-off’ calendar (a ubiquitous sight in Asian homes) is put on display to reflect different angles, different aspects, of life. Just as how we sometimes scribble little notes and reminders on our own calendars, I ‘personalised’ these pages by combining them with random and interesting quotes by different people I’ve met, and some simple little items/materials that I’ve collected as well. This work invites viewers to come and hopefully find a personal connection with all the different ‘days’ here.

The whole set is a journey of 365 days- 365 random bits and pieces of ‘us’. Random thoughts and feelings we may have had, random tokens that may or may not mean something, from anyone and everyone- a calendar we all can share. A story in which we are no longer alone.