Nothingness / Installation + Durational Performance + Video / Dimensions variable

I, Me, Mine
The Factory Contemporary Art Center, HCMC, VN
9/6 – 23/7/2017
Accompanied by 7th Edition of Saigon Artbook Publication

‘Nothingness’ is a conceptual performative installation, situated between a psychology of the self in absolute reality, and a mental inquisition, where possessiveness is confronted and re-interpreted via a study of the subconscious.

This work takes on the journey of three phases to unfold the insecurity of one being through the desire of possession. Whether it’s the object, status or relationship hypothesis, the feeling of taking control of within the fragments of time gives ones the deception of satisfaction and anxiety. The artist’s performance is being held like the empty ritual of emptiness and invites the audiences to join for a public self-definition.

The performance takes place as the healing exploration but reveals a bitter truth of the never-ending sorrow in human soul in this materials age.

Phase 1. “As much as possible”
Video performance, 2 hrs edited.

The video records the private performance in which the artist is dotting randomly on a large piece of paper (2.5 m x 0.58m), using a pencil. She only stops when she thinks she has dotted enough.

  Original video excerpts

Phase 2. “I no longer need this” 
Durational performance (2 hours live), installation, videos of phase 1 (on ceiling and opposite)

The performance started as the artist starts to erase all the dusty dots on the piece of paper which she dotted in previous phase. She only stops when she thinks all the dots were erased.

Guests are invited to join to erase or add on the dots.

After performance, remaining scene including table, erased paper, used eraser, eraser’s dust is kept as the installation.


Phase 3. “See you again”
20 limited prints “As much as possible” for sale (2.5m x 0.58m)
Decal Text on the wall

The original drawing os phase 1 was destroyed in phase 2. The posters is the copied version which will be sold during the exhibition. Once the last one taken, the empty wall reveal the text: “See you again.”

Photographs courtesy  of Hieu, Jihye, Thuy, An and Anyarena.