Matches, fire and other stories / Installation / Matches in Silver / 3.7m x 2.6m

The celebration of full-moon festival 2012
HCMC Fine Art Museum, Saigon, Vietnam
Sep 29- Oct 13, 2012

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Travel back in time, when fire was first discovered, became a sign of life, and thus, a symbol of hope. I was inspired by Grandma’s bedtime stories about the magic that happens when the full moon is out, and also by the simple match – a tiny and delicate object, which was so significant in the past. This art work was constructed with more than 3000 matches which were dipped in silver paint, and arranged on the wall. The work invited everyone, who believes to light up a match to make their wish on this special day.

Verse on the wall:

whosoever believes that wishes can come true on a full-moon night
pick out a match
and make a wish
in that very moment
light up your lantern

Thank you John Hew, To Lan, Thach Thao, Michelle Nguyen and many new friends for supporting me in this special project.