I’m trying to not _______ make any point / Neon sign / interactive installation / Dimensions variable

Open Studio X
Saigon, Vietnam
October, 2016

This work questions our responsibility and fear when we raise our opinions in our hybrid culture scene. Invite the audiences in its speaking space, “I’m trying to not _______ make any point” pays attention to our attitude and associated concerns about the view that we are going to make than the statement itself.

In a rather conservative society, digital culture seems to bring us closer to the freedom of speech, yet also hides the threat of personal safety (physically, censoriously and politically). In the other hand, even if we are living in an ideal society, how much ones should be aware of their responsibility when making a personal statement? As in the speed of modernity, the neediness to socialize and to express oneself, we easily neglect the consequence of our words giving to the construction of the current culture scene.

The input properties ( _______ ) hope to give further access to the understanding of our human emotions and physicality in contemporary dialogue.

Wording ideas courtesy by visitors.