Above my skin, beneath the sky / Soft sculpture – installation / Quilt, steal pins / Dimensions variable

UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia
August, 2014

This project examines the ontological notion of a mundane object in relation to the human soul. The essence of human sensitivity is expressed through the intimate space created by the object.

‘Portal’ is explored through the image which is often perceived as a significant attachment of human living: the blanket. It is virtually a must-have item in every house, to everybody. The aura of a blanket integrates with the impressions of comfort, protection, seclusion, scent, and even memories of an individual. It conceals a soul, which is in the most fragile condition. The action of covering forms the blanket like a protected shell in which we could drift off to our most unprotected state. Poetically, it is converted into an interval between a personal realm and the outside world. Could such a “peace of mind” item be a danger? By appearing bizarrely and unfriendly, how would this intimate object challenge the approaches from both worlds?

The artwork suggests the spectators to consider the object not as it is but rather a product of imagination to explore the disturbance that it may cause to the soul when our daily peacefulness is metamorphosed.

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Special Thanks to Duc Thien & Uncle 6 for helping me in this project.