A While / Installation / Mixed media / Dimension variable

A While
A duo exhibition of Lap Xuan & Jihye Min
Kudos Gallery, Sydney
Feb 02 – 13, 2016

featuring works:
Where It All Began (drawing)
Above My Skin, Beneath The Sky II (5 kinetic soft sculptures)
Passage of Sketch 29’31” (series of drawings)

A while explores the perception of time in relation to the fragility and resilience of the human soul. Within the interval, one’s past, present and future are rather the fractions of one’s struggles. Within the interval, there are hopes, doubts, and anything in between.The works reflect the intricate threshold between a personal realm and the outside world. Through which, expressing a personal process of healing.

lapxuan_awhile 1 lapxuan_awhile 2

lapxuan_awhile 4lapxuan_awhile 3 lapxuan_awhile 6

lapxuan_awhile 5  lapxuan_awhile 7

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